Safety Messages

This program has been developed as an interactive, visual experience to highlight situations road users might find themselves in that can result in accidents. All road users need to understand the capabilities of heavy vehicles, so that they will be less inclined to take risks.

The purpose of this program is to engage with road users of all ages. The program doesn't tell people how to drive but demonstrates the capabilities of large vehicles. It shows participants how to avoid dangerous situations involving big trucks. 

On this page you will find all of the safety messages that are promoted in the Share the Road with Big Trucks program, displayed throughout the Safety MAN Road Safety Truck, and featured in the take home booklet. 

Sharing the road safely is everyone's responsibility. Share these messages with an many people as you can. Check out the Talking Truck videos on the next page.

Click and print each of these messages to share with your school, community group or company.


This program and the Safety MAN Road Safety Truck would not be possible without the support from these fantastic industry sponsors. Be sure to thank and support them whenever you can.