Safety MAN Development

The development of the Safety MAN Road Safety Truck has been a huge team effort. The industry support that has pulled through is fantastic. The Safety MAN Road Safety truck will be an iconic part of New Zealand's road safety and everyone who played a part in its development should be extremely proud.

Thank you to all of the sponsors for your generous support and making road safety a priority. See the full list of sponsors and find out who supplied what.

The Safety MAN Road Safety Truck is fitted with all of the latest safety gear and technology including:

  • Tyre pressure monitoring system - CV Technologies (CarCamNZ)
  • GPS Telematics Asset Management Software - Teletrac Navman
  • 360 degree birds eye camera & driver fatigue alert system - CV Technologies (CarCamNZ)
  • Truck reflective tape - 3M
  • The 640 MAN Truck from Heavy Trucks has all of the latest safety features including: Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Guard System, Emergency Breaking Assist, Electronic Stability Program, Dual Revolution Reverse Lighting, Monitored and recorded driver camera system, Continuous braking and much more. See the full list of safety features

How the Safety MAN Came to Life:

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