The Healthy Truck Driver program has been designed to help drivers identify the symptoms and causes of common truck driver health issues. To prevent truck rollovers and accidents we need to raise awareness about the underlying causes of crashes and try to improve the driver's whole health and wellbeing. 

This program highlights the symptoms and causes in broad terms and should not be used to self diagnose. Please seek professional advice if you think you are experiencing any of the issues discussed in the program. We are here to promote a healthier wellbeing by encouraging drivers to ask themselves how they could improve on their overall health.

The take home booklet is something the participants can read through and think about whether they are experiencing any of the issues discussed. There are useful links provided for further information, advice and help. There will be health checks on board the Safety MAN running through basic tests for drivers and advising them if they need further assessment.

To gain a better understanding of the health and wellbeing of those working in NZ's transport industry we would appreciate you taking the time to fill in this quick Health and Wellbeing survey. Your results are completely anonymous.



You have a duty to ensure your drivers get home safely. The topics covered in this program are crucial to driver health and wellbeing. The health and safety of your drivers should be your top priority and you need to encourage your staff to take their health seriously. By participating in the Healthy Truck Driver Program, you are helping to start conversations and encourage your drivers to speak up about how they are feeling, before something goes wrong. You can request the truck to visit your company by going to the Bookings Page.


A high proportion of truck crashes and rollovers occur due to driver fatigue. The 7 topics covered in this program all relate back to fatigue and the aim is to encourage our drivers to improve on these aspects of their health so that they are less likely to experience symptoms of fatigue that make them unfit to drive.

If a driver struggles to get enough sleep, control their use of alcohol and drugs, get through mental health issues, eat healthily or exercise regularly then they at risk of experiencing fatigue and the dangerous symptoms that come with it. 

The program starts by explaining fatigue and asking the drivers if they have ever experienced any symptoms while driving. It then goes on to look at the common causes of fatigue that truck drivers often neglect. This puts them at serious risk of developing fatigue and other health issues.


This chapter looks at the causes and symptoms of fatigue, how to manage fatigue, workplace chain of responsibility and provides resources for further information