2017 Visits

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Participants to date: 17,500

St Bede's College - 8th August

The Safety MAN visited St Bede's College today to put the junior school, year 10 classes through the Share the Road with Big Trucks programme. 

Later this afternoon the Safety MAN transformed into a transport careers hub for the first time, to participate in the St Bede's College careers evening. Over 400 students and their parents attended throughout the evening and were introduced to the various trucking-related career options. 

Introducing Careers at St Bede's College

Six companies came on board to join the Safety MAN's transport careers hub, including Toll Group, Hilton Haulage, HWR Group/Allied Concrete, TR Group, Cable Price and Heavy Trucks. A huge thanks for your support and helping to inspire the students. With an ageing workforce and lack of young people entering the transport industry there is concern for the future. The Safety MAN aims to attend big career events to inspire the next generation and to give companies an opportunity to promote the various career options available. 

Toll Group Christchurch Depot - July 19th & 20th

The Safety MAN set up at Toll's depot in Christchurch this week to put all staff through the Healthy Truck Driver programme to raise awareness about improving driver health and wellbeing.

Safety MAN Delivers Truck Load of Money -29th June

The Safety MAN Road Safety Truck, delivered GIANT BAGS of money today to Ronald McDonald House South Island and Child Cancer Canterbury. $10,000 was donated to each of the deserving charities from the proceeds of the 2018 TMC Trailers Trucking Industry Show in March. 

Thanks to everyone who helped, attended or sponsored show. It was huge effort from a very small number of people. NZ Trucking Association are very proud to raise money for these very worthy charities. Bring on new records in 2020!

Templeton School - June 25th

Fantastic day at Templeton School, over 350 students and teachers through the Share the Road with Big Trucks programme. 

Templeton School is located along a particularly busy truck route, and very close to SH1, so it was a great school for the Safety MAN to visit and share messages with. 

The excitement and engagement from these kids shows us that the interactive programme works & raises important awareness. 

Lots of excited students first time in a truck.

Demonstrations of the truck blind zones from the cab

CVST Police - May 10th 

For a day, the Safety MAN parked up at Glasnevin Weigh Bridge to give the regional CVST managers and staff a chance to check out the road safety programmes. 

The response from them was fantastic and they are very supportive of the work we are doing. 

Drivers who pulled over, were also invited into the trailer to go through the Healthy Truck Driver Programme. 

Foodstuffs / TSI Logistics Christchurch - May 8th & 9th

The Safety MAN visited Foodstuffs / TSI Logisitcs South Island Distribution Centre in Christchurch for two days to put over 150 staff through the Healthy Truck Driver Programme. 

The participants were all very engaged and positive about the programme. 

Thank you for participating and supporting the Safety MAN.

Spreydon School - April 12th

We had a fantastic day at Spreydon School, sharing safety messages with over 280 primary school students and teachers. 
A big thanks to Heavy Trucks for bringing along the new 'DEMON' Western Star Truck! Being a large bonneted truck, it was a great opportunity to interactively demonstrate the blind zones to the kids. 
We came across some very enthusiastic future truckers! 

Timaru Transport Sector Day - March 19th

The Safety MAN Road Safety Truck travelled down to Timaru for the Transport Sector Day at Levels Raceway, to share hot tips with the students on how to share the road safely with big trucks. The event gave the students a hands on, inside look at the Transport industry. It was supported by local trucking companies, Ara Institute of Canterbury, our team at NZ Trucking Association, and lots of Volunteers. 

2018 TMC Trailers Trucking Industry Show - March 9th & 10th

The Trucking Industry Shows in Christchurch are another NZ Trucking Association Initiative. This year we were able to feature the Safety MAN Road Safety Truck for the first time, which was a big hit for everyone who had not yet experienced it. 

On the Friday we ran a Careers Showcase and hosed over 200 high school students around the event. We put them through the Share the Road with Big Trucks programme while they were there. On Saturday, the Safety MAN was used as the registration desk for the show and shine drivers and throughout the day we had thousands of interested public through the trailer.

Talley's Ashburton - February 9th 

Talley's Ashburton had a visit from the Safety MAN Road Safety Truck. Thanks Hayden for organising the visit, we loved parking up beside all the Talley's trucks. It was great to see so many of Talley's management, staff and truck drivers go through the "Healthy Truck Driver" and "Share the Road with Big Trucks" programs.

Fairton School - February 8th 

Getting kids into trucks is a practical, interactive way to teach them about truck driver blind zones. Thanks Fairton School for putting all of your students through the Share the Road With Big Trucks Program.

Yaldhurst Model School - February 2nd 

120 students from Yaldhurst Model School came through the interactive Safety MAN trailer and left more aware of the dangers around heavy vehicles and how to behave safely around them.

Conroy Removals - February 1st 

Conroy Removals, hosted the Safety MAN truck today. Thanks so much for having us visit to share the important messages with your drivers about improving health and wellbeing.

Over 25 drivers went through the Healthy Truck Driver program.

Ward Community Day - December 16th

Great day out at the Ward Community Day organised by NCTIR! Sharing road safety messages and thanking the community for their patience over the last year.

Kaikoura Road Opening - December 15th

Front and centre in the middle of Kaikoura town to celebrate the road finally opening after a year of long hard work by the NCTIR team. Thank you to Kaikoura community for your patience and understanding over this time and good to see so many locals at the ceremony. The Safety MAN was a big hit sharing tips on how to keep safe around heavy vehicles on the road.

Kaikoura Suburban School - December 14th

Thanks for hosting the Safety MAN at your school today, we are working hard to deliver hot tips to all students about how to share the road safely with big trucks. With the official Kaikoura road opening tomorrow, it was important to reach this school before the trucks came rolling back into their town. The engagement with these 90 students was amazing, thanks for participating!

Fonterra Christchurch - December 13th

Thanks Fonterra drivers and management staff in Christchurch for visiting the Safety MAN Road Safety Truck and going through the Healthy Truck Driver program to see what our initiative is all about.

Papanui High School - December 8th

It was a hot day at Papanui High School today but that didn't stop the students having a blast learning about our road safety tips in the interactive Safety MAN trailer. 

Great to be able to inspire the senior students to consider a transport career while we are here!

Over 320 students through the Share the Road with Big Trucks program.

TIL Freight Christchurch - November 28th

Big thanks to TIL Freight in Christchurch for hosting the Safety MAN today to deliver our important Healthy Truck Driver program to the staff.

Selwyn Motor Festival - November 26th

Great to connect with all road users at the Selwyn Motor Festival! Sharing road safety messages with over 900 people.


Toll Group Blenheim - November 23rd

The Safety MAN then visited one of the initiatives' key sponsors, Toll Group, at their Blenheim Depot. 

The Healthy Truck Driver Programme was delivered to 40 drivers including some from Kiwi Rail. The programme is designed to suit any shift worker who is on the road (or rail) for long periods of time. Fatigue can affect all road users and the healthy truck driver programme is 

TIL Freight Blenheim - November 22nd

The Safety MAN delivered the Healthy Truck Driver Programme to 40 drivers at TIL Freight's Blenheim Depot. Thanks TIL for your support and encouraging your drivers to think about the importance of their overall wellbeing.

The programme touches on 7 key topics: Fatigue, Sleep, Mental Health, Alcohol & Drugs, Diet, Exercise and Training and Qualifications. 

Waikawa Bay School & Picton School - November 21st

The Safety MAN Ventured back up to the top of the South Island, to Picton and Blenheim this week - first stop Waikawa Bay School in the morning, sharing safety messages with 120 students. The truck then visited Picton School and Kindergarten in the afternoon and put another 200 student through the Share the Road with Big Trucks Programme. Great feedback from students and teachers!

RTFNZ Conference 2017 - November 10th - 11th

The Safety MAN Road Safety Truck was invited to exhibit at the 2017 RTFNZ Conference at Claudelands in Hamilton. This was a fantastic opportunity for the industry to check it out and see how successful the programmes have been so far. 

Feedback was very positive, with many more companies keen to get behind this fantastic initiative. Thank you to everyone who came through the Safety MAN over the two days and to RTFNZ for the invitation. 

Also a big thanks to Clean Co, TR Group and Heavy Trucks for helping with the cleaning, storage and transportation of the Safety MAN while it was up north.


Western Belfast Bypass Opening - October 29th

This NZTA event gave the public an opportunity to walk over the new Western Belfast Bypass before opening to traffic. It was also a good chance for the Safety MAN to set up and share tips with the public on how to keep safe around big trucks. 

There were over 2,000 people who came to have a look through the trailer and learn some safety tips.


Steve Murphy / SML Transport - October 27th

Thanks SML for supporting the Safety MAN Road Safety Truck and putting over 50 drivers through the Healthy Truck Driver programme. 

We hope that your drivers left the truck more knowledgeable about maintaining good health and wellbeing. Each participant was given the opportunity for a free health check from St John to give them a quick indication of their health status. 

Thanks again St John for supporting the Healthy Truck Driver programme and to all the industry sponsors.


Sheffield School - October 26th

150 students from Sheffield School all learnt about truck road safety in the Safety MAN Road Safety Truck. A huge thanks to Steve Murphy / SML for helping on the day and providing another truck for the kids to have blind zone demonstrations from. There were definitely inspired students in this group! 

Also, fantastic to see the teachers using the Share the Road Workbook for further learning in the classroom. 




Cheviot School - October 24th  

A big Thanks to Cheviot School for hosting the Safety MAN on Tuesday. We hope you enjoyed the Share the Road with Big Trucks Programme!

Keep those Road Safety Booklets safe and share with your friends and family. The more awareness we can spread around sharing the road safely with trucks, the more crashes we may prevent and lives we might just save.

Huge thanks again to all of the Safety MAN Road Safety Truck Sponsors and Supporters.

Even the School Dog came in to learn a thing or two!



Murchison Area School - October 19th

The kids at Murchison School were very excited to have a visit from the Safety MAN Road Safety Truck.

Because Murchison is situated on the busy alternate state highway it was extremely important that we visited these students and teachers to deliver the Share the Road with Big Trucks program. After watching the safety videos, working through the Road Safety booklet and sitting in the truck for a demonstration of the truck blind zones, the students went away a lot more aware of how to safely share the road with big trucks.

They didn't want the truck to leave and were still working on their activity booklets at lunch.


Talleys Freight Motueka Depot - October 18th 

Our final stop in the Nelson area was to Talleys Depot in Motueka, to deliver the Healthy Truck Driver programme to 25 drivers from Talleys, Darryl Francois Freighting and Westhaul. We had great response from the drivers about the programme. They all went away with greater awareness about the importance of good health & wellbeing, a take home Healthy Driver Booklet and a free health check from St John. Thank you Talleys for hosting the Safety MAN and St John for providing the drivers with free blood pressure and diabetes checks. 


Stoke School Nelson - October 17th

What a fantastic group of kids at Stoke School in Nelson. We met so many truck fanatics and a lot of potential truck drivers in the making. The loved the Safety MAN and our Share the Road with Big Trucks Programme. Over 300 students and teachers attended.

Feedback continues to be fantastic - check out the video of a Stoke School staff members praising the programme. 

Thanks for having us Stoke School! Enjoy your Road Safety take home booklets. Big thanks to NZ Trucking Magazine for the booklet printing. 


TIL Freight Nelson - October 16th

Over 40 Drivers attended the Healthy Truck Driver Programme when the Safety MAN visited TIL's Depot in Nelson. This included drivers from TIL Freight, Nelson Earthworks and Conroy Removals. 

A big thanks to the sponsors - we had some drivers very interested in the 640 MAN truck and all the additional safety features installed. CLICK HERE to check out the list of sponsors.

All the drivers were given the take home Healthy Truck Driver Booklet which is full of information about our key topics: Fatigue, Sleep, Mental Health, Drugs & Alcohol, Diet, Exercise and Training & Qualifications.

Thanks again to TIL for hosting the Safety MAN!


Summerland Express Freight Nelson Depot- October 14th

The Safety MAN made its first trip up the alternate state highway route to Nelson to deliver the Healthy Truck Driver and Share the Road with Big Trucks programmes to the local transport companies and schools in the area.

We started by visiting Summerland Express Freight at their new Nelson Depot and put ~40 people through the Healthy Truck Driver Programme. 

The feedback was great, and we have now made plans to put their Christchurch depot drivers through the programme as well.



Rollover Prevention Workshop & Healthy Truck Driver Programme

NZTA and RTFNZ fund free Rollover Prevention Workshops, run by Jeff Fleury. The NZ Trucking Association hosted one of these seminars on October 7th and put 48 drivers through this and the Safety MAN's Healthy Truck Driver Programme. 


Age Concern Expo - October 2nd

Age Concern Christchurch invited the Safety MAN to exhibit at the Positive Ageing Expo at Papanui High School to promote the Share The Road with Big Trucks Program. There were over 350 people that went through the truck and trailer to learn more about truck blind zones, safe passing of trucks and all of the other truck safety messages. A big thanks to our volunteer support and all of the sponsors.


Ride Forever Motorcycle Safety Day - October 1st

The Kick Start Rider Forever Motorcycle Breakfast had a fantastic turnout. The Safety MAN attended the event to promote sharing the road safely with big trucks. The motorcyclists were very interested in hopping in the drivers seat and being given a demonstration of the blind zones around the truck. A number of truck drivers also came through, as well as plenty of kids, all in awe of the truck. Over 400 people went through the Safety MAN at this event.


Alexandra Blossom Festival - September 23rd

The Safety MAN made its first venture outside of Canterbury this weekend, to the Alexandra Blossom Festival. It was there to assist Heavy Trucks with their Show and Shine competition and to lead the truck parade. Over 100 drivers went through the Healthy Truck Driver Program as they came into the truck with their friends and family. A big thanks to Heavy Trucks for inviting us and to all the drivers for the amazing effort in the show and shine. 


Hurunui College - September 21st

The Safety MAN's fourth school visit was to the country town of Hawarden to put 300 students through the Share the Road with Big Trucks Program. A big thanks to Senior Constable Ken Terry for helping throughout the day.


Omihi School - September 18th

Although this may be the smallest school the Safety MAN Road Safety Truck visits, it definitely had the most excited kids. The rainy weather did not deter anyone, all 20 students went through the Share the Road with Big Trucks program. We also had a special visit from the Mayor of Hurunui District Council, Winton Dalley.

More great feedback from one of the parents:

"Yes kids loved the truck visit and definitely came home talking about it, and clearly understood where it is safe for a bike to be in relation to truck. Alice talked about the driver's blind zone and Jeremy could describe where not to be next to a stopped truck. Jeremy really liked the booklet he got sent home with and worked through it with Chris over a number of nights as bed time reading."


Culverden - Amuri Area School - September 14th

350 very eager students went through the Safety MAN's Share the Road With Big Trucks program. Big thanks to the sponsors and Heavy Trucks for volunteering their time on the day.


New Life School Rangiora - September 7th

Thank you Rangiora New Life School, Southbrook School and KinderCare Preschool for visiting the Safety MAN on Thursday. Over 400 students went through the Share the Road With Big Trucks Program and the feedback was fantastic! CLICK HERE for a round up of the photos.

Great Feedback from the teachers, parents and students:

"They liked the hands on approach of the lessons."

"Loved the way the children could see for themselves in the truck what can and can't be seen by a truck driver"

"Students were actively engaged with the truck"

"Great to see the trucking community working with the schools"  


Freight Lines Christchurch Depot  - September 5th

The Safety MAN visited Freightlines depot in Hornby early on Tuesday morning to deliver the Healthy Truck Driver Program to the drivers from Freight Lines and Streamline Freight.
Approximately 40 drivers went through the trailer. Thanks again for everyone's participation. 
"What an amazing initiative. We just love it!" - Streamline Freight

Safety MAN Road Safety Truck Official Launch 

Following months of hard work from NZ Trucking Association, NCTIR and Industry Sponsors and Supporters, the Safety MAN Road Safety Truck was officially launched on August 10th 2017 at the Vulcan Steel Warehouse. David Boyce, CEO of NZ Trucking Association cut the ribbon to officially open the new on-road teaching facility. Bookings are now open to request the Safety MAN and the two truck programmes - Health Truck Driver and Share the Road With Big Trucks. Take a look at the sponsors involved who made it all happen.

See the official NZTA Media Release and the photographs below from yesterday's successful event.