2020 Visits

Check back regularly for updates on the Safety MAN's visits. To date over 35,200 participants have been through the safety programmes.

Lyttleton School: August 26th 2020

Awesome engagement from the kids at Lyttleton School today, a particularly important visit with so many truck movements past their school with the port being right next door. It was great to be able to share important safety messages with over 220 participants and give them some resources to share with their families. Getting the students into the cab of the truck to show them what the driver can and cannot see due to the truck blind zones is a really valuable exercise. Real life experience is better than a text book, it gives people an appreciation of the size of a heavy vehicle.

Glentunnel School: July 23rd 2020

The Share the Road with Big Trucks booklet is full of activities and is a great way to teach kids about trucks and reinforce the messages they learnt from the Share the Road video. Thanks to New Zealand Trucking Magazine for printing these booklets so every student can take one home to share with their friends and family.

We were lucky enough to have SML Transport join us at Glentunnel School and show the students and teachers an important truck stopping distances demonstration. Such an important display, which shows long it takes a truck to stop when travelling at 40km/h and also at 60km/h. This is a great way to make people more aware that trucks cannot stop quickly so never step or pull out in front of one.

North Canterbury Spreaders Association Training Day: July 23rd 2020

The Safety MAN was asked to attend the New Zealand Ground Spreaders Training Day in Ashburton to deliver the Healthy Truck Driver Programme. It was a great day, combined with an inspirational presentation from Mark Inglis.